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Facebook Advertising for Healthcare Practices: Everything You Need to Know

As you evaluate your marketing program throughout the year, think about adding Facebook advertising to your current strategy.

/ October 31, 2017

New: Increase Appointment Conversions and Gain Valuable Screen Real Estate With Google Posts

PatientPop is the first healthcare technology provider to offer automatic Google Posts with one-click appointment booking for our customers. Learn more about this feature.

/ October 13, 2017
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[Local Search] What Makes a Website Useful for Local Search?

Key components to helping your website rank in local search include a well-structured website, local citations, relevant content, and fresh information.

/ September 7, 2017

Five Free Ways to Generate Buzz for Your Healthcare Practice

You can generate new leads and prove your expertise without parting ways with a single penny, and we’re going to show you five ways it can done.

/ August 30, 2017

Acquire and Engage Patients With Social Media

Learn how to create a foolproof social media strategy, which social media platforms to prioritize and tailoring content to each, the 80/20 rule, guidelines for HIPAA-compliant social content and more!

/ August 7, 2017

Hoping to Attract Millennial Patients? Let Them Know They Need You!

Millennials are busy, and they’re not making health a priority. We share how to educate them about their health needs and bring them to your practice.

/ June 6, 2017

How to Remain Competitive Amid the Incoming Tech-Savvy Millennial Providers

A new crop of millennial providers is about to join your ranks. They’re young, they're motivated, and most importantly, they're already accustomed to sharing their lives with the Internet.

/ May 15, 2017

Subliminal Messaging: How to Convey Your Brand to Patients Without Saying a Word

Branding means consciously managing your image across all touchpoints. Create a full brand experience that truly conveys your modern and welcoming practice.

/ May 9, 2017

Should You Invest in a Professional Photographer for Your Practice Marketing?

Is hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of your staff and location for your website really worth the investment? The answer is yes.

/ May 8, 2017

Introducing the Team Behind Our All New Local Search Marketing Column

This biweekly series will help you — our readers — learn more about the intricacies of local SEO for healthcare while staying updated on the latest changes to search.

/ May 3, 2017