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5 Ways to Prevent Physician Burnout

Over-represented and under-diagnosed, “Physician Burnout” is at alarming levels in the US. If you're suffering from burnout, here's how to alleviate it.

/ October 3, 2017

6 Ways to Ensure Your Patients Love Your Waiting Room

A well-designed and functional waiting room can be a huge asset to your practice, reducing patient anxiety and enhancing patient perceptions about quality of care. Here, 6 ideas to turn your waiting room into a place where time flies by.

/ May 23, 2017

Is Coaching the Key to Relieving Healthcare Provider Burnout?

Why healthcare providers are looking to executive and lifestyle coaches to fight physician burnout.

/ March 27, 2017

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Ways to Prevent Physician Burnout

If you are indeed showing signs of burnout, you are most definitely not alone, and there is plenty you can do to alleviate it.

/ March 20, 2017

Customer Content Roundup: How Our Providers Are Using Blogs to Market Their Practice

How our customers are using blogging to market their practice, drive site traffic, and build their brand as an expert provider.

/ February 9, 2017
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5 Strategies to Increase Patient Retention… and Even Win Former Patients Back

Keep your patients coming back - and win back former patients - with these five critical patient retention strategies for your practice.

/ October 11, 2016
Office Manager

How to Hire an Office Manager for Your Practice

You want to spend time with patients and focus on the high-level business of your practice, not order supplies or send invoices. We share how and when to hire the perfect office manager for your practice.

/ October 3, 2016
Content Marketing

Build a Reputation as a Healthcare Thought Leader With Content Marketing

Publishing content establishes you as a healthcare thought leader. Yet, it's tough getting started. We show you where to find ideas and how to get writing.

/ September 29, 2016
Physician Referral

The Rule of Three: When and How to Refer a Patient

The ability of a physician to refer a patient to another physician is a normal and essential aspect of medical practice. We tell you when it's time to consider a referral.

/ September 28, 2016
White Coat

Does Your White Coat Make Patients Trust You More?

Do you like to finish the week by wearing a casual polo shirt when you see patients? Studies indicate that you may want to reconsider this choice of attire...

/ August 29, 2016