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The PR Perspective: 6 Ways to Take Control of Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation can be the deciding factor between you and another provider. Use these 6 proactive tactics to monitor and protect your online image.

/ September 6, 2017

10 Surefire Tips to Delivering a Compelling Presentation

Giving a compelling presentation is a valuable and highly learnable skill. Here are 10 sure-fire strategies to nail your next speech.

/ July 24, 2017
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How to Win Back a Lost Patient

If a patient stops coming in, they're not necessarily lost. Use these business 'win-back' strategies and they'll likely return to your practice.

/ March 27, 2017
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Use These 7 Sales Principles to Build Stronger Patient Relationships

PatientPop's VP of Sales reveals 7 key sales techniques that will help you build stronger relationships with your patients and staff.

/ October 31, 2016
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How You Could Be Demoralizing Your Team….And 4 Ways to Fix It

With patient care and business operations, healthcare providers may not dedicate enough time to nurturing their staff. We tell you how to identify a demoralized staff and turn your practice into a positive place... even on Monday morning.

/ October 24, 2016
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3 Tech Upgrades to Prioritize in Your Practice

Modernize the patient experience, increase efficiency, and stop leaking revenue with these three tech upgrades.

/ October 12, 2016
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5 Strategies to Increase Patient Retention… and Even Win Former Patients Back

Keep your patients coming back - and win back former patients - with these five critical patient retention strategies for your practice.

/ October 11, 2016
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7 Easy Ways (And a Radical One…) Providers Can Improve Their Work-Life Balance

To bring more balance to your work and your life, follow this easy seven-step prescription—and consider a bonus eighth step if you’re feeling radical.

/ September 26, 2016
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Build a Strategic Practice Plan, Part 3: Regular Follow-Up

The final post in the building a strategic practice plan series is all about follow-up, tracking goals, and modifying your strategy for ultimate efficacy.

/ September 21, 2016

Why You Should List Your Practice on Local Business Directories

It's crucial for healthcare providers to list their practices on local directories -- we tell you why, where to list your business, and how to optimize your listing.

/ September 7, 2016