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What are Google Rich Snippets and How Do They Impact Your Practice?

Google is moving away from the classic 10 blue links in search results to include more engaging rich results. Here's how to add them to your site.

/ November 15, 2017

[Local Search] Healthcare Marketing: Categories & Keywords

Local search expert Joel Headley tells us why optimizing for categorical search is crucial to your practice's online presence.

/ August 2, 2017

Healthcare Providers Doing YouTube Marketing Right

When it comes to communicating information about you and your practice, nothing quite compares to video. Here are a few of our favorite docs on YouTube.

/ July 31, 2017

[Webinar Recording] Perfect Your Practice Website in 5 Steps

From SEO to why you should blog, we share 5 crucial website considerations in this webinar.

/ July 26, 2017

[Local Search] Enhance Your Site and SEO… The Right Way

Here are some common promises made to enhance your webpage that you’ll want to get a second opinion on before buying into the hype.

/ July 12, 2017

WHITEPAPER: SEO 101 for Healthcare Providers

SEO 101 for healthcare providers is your ultimate guide to ensuring your medical practice gets found online. Download for FREE right now!

/ July 11, 2017

Search Engine Optimization: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Search Engine Optimization: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint Search engine optimization is more than just a marketing buzzword; it’s crucial to your practice website getting found by potential patients searching for a provider. Search optimization strategies, which include creating...

/ July 6, 2017

Infographic: SEO Statistics Everyone Should Know

These hard and fast stats will show you how much SEO can return on your investment, as well as how SEO has changed over the years.

/ July 3, 2017

[Local Search] The Importance of Online Reviews

The Importance of Online Reviews Online reviews are important, but how many do you actually need and what’s the ideal average rating? Online reviews can influence a potential customer’s opinion about (and decision to use) your business. Whether you like...

/ June 28, 2017

Webinar: Blogging For Healthcare Providers – The Ultimate How-To Guide

Webinar: Blogging For Healthcare Providers – The Ultimate How-To Guide In last week’s webinar, Google Alumnus Joel Headley talked in-depth about blogging in the healthcare space. In addition to improving your search engine rankings, blogging is a great way to...

/ June 26, 2017