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5 Must-Follow Healthcare Twitter Stars

These 5 Twitter healthcare stars use the channel to engage colleagues and patients alike with educational -- and some fun -- content.

/ March 21, 2017

What You Can Learn From These 5 Healthcare Provider Instagram Stars

Instagram can be a key component to your practice’s marketing strategy: the visual medium is the perfect channel for building a personal brand.

/ March 8, 2017

5 Books That Break Down Online Marketing for Healthcare

Updating your practice's online marketing strategy doesn't have to be intimidating - these 5 books provide in-depth content on going digital.

/ February 13, 2017

Where Facebook Meets HIPAA: Social Media Guidelines for Healthcare Providers

Social media is an important tool for anyone trying to grow a practice, but as with any other use of social media in a professional realm, there’s a risk of making major and significant mistakes on a public stage. Medical...

/ January 31, 2017

Why Healthcare Providers Should Be Active on Google+

You may be reluctant to jump into Google+, but we tell you why your practice should build a presence on the oft-forgotten social platform.

/ January 3, 2017
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VIDEO: Quick Tips for Healthcare Providers on Twitter

This week's Quick Tip: Twitter. You know what it is, but can it really help your medical practice? Watch to find out more.

/ September 7, 2016
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Win Facebook Friends & Influence People: 20 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Reach

Our best bite-size tips for healthcare providers to build followers and increase engagement on a practice's -- or personal -- social media channels.

/ August 9, 2016
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5 Doctors Who Are Killing It on Social Media Right Now

These 5 doctors know how to make social media work for their practices. Here are a few takeaways you can apply to your own practice's social media platforms.

/ July 25, 2016
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Twitter 101 for Healthcare Providers

In today’s digital world, patients use the Internet to find medical care more than ever. Here's everything you need to know about Twitter to get you started.

/ July 7, 2016

Instagram 101 for Healthcare Practices

Everything healthcare providers should know about setting up an effective Instagram profile to attract and engage patients -- particularly millennials.

/ June 23, 2016