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The best of 2020: Top blog posts for healthcare providers and staff

As we look toward a brighter 2021, these top-performing blog posts of 2020 offer sound strategies for any private practice looking to improve their business.

None of us will soon forget 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a year of constant change and challenge. But it also presented opportunities for private healthcare practices: opportunities to connect with patients in new ways, adjust practice operations for the better, and test all-new levels of readiness and flexibility.

Now, with vaccine distribution underway, practices and patients are feeling hopeful about what 2021 may bring.

Popular PatientPop blog posts from 2020

As private practices look toward that future, some of our most widely read blog posts from 2020 are worth revisiting. They include expertise on a wide range of topics from medical marketing and social media savvy to streamlined practice operations.

Here’s a summary of some of our best guidance of the past year, in five top categories.

1. Best ways to market and promote your healthcare practice

These popular posts offer expertise on marketing and promotional tactics that help your practice grow and thrive.

2020 holiday marketing tips for healthcare practices

If you’re reading this in the midst of the holiday season, this one’s right on time. Seasonal marketing is a great way to keep your practice top of mind, even year-round. Our holiday tips such as creating a video greeting, hosting a social media contest, or offering holiday discounts or promotions can be applied to other holidays or seasons throughout the year. They may even inspire you to come up with your own unique approach to “celebrate” alongside your patients.

Google My Business step-by-step guide for healthcare practices

Whether you’re in optimization mode or just getting started with Google My Business, this is a must-review guide for improving your Google presence. After all, ensuring patients can find and learn about your practice — especially on the biggest search engine site — is the first step toward an effective patient acquisition strategy.

How to increase patient awareness of your healthcare practice

Any practice that wants to stand out among the competition must start by applying basic healthcare marketing techniques. From local branding and search engine optimization (SEO) to online search advertising, this post features top tips for practices with a strong growth strategy.

2. What it takes to run a thriving private practice

Creating a strategy to optimize your practice efficiency and productivity is a great way to set yourself up for success in the new year. With these top posts, we aim to help you enhance your operational performance.

7 things your patients don’t want in your waiting room anymore

The advice in this post is especially relevant during the pandemic — but it still rings true regardless of the public health situation. Patients don’t want busy check-in areas, exposure to sick patients or visitors, and paperwork or the germy clipboards and pens that go with it.

What patients want: Results from the PatientPop 2020 patient perspective survey

One of our most popular posts of the year provides an in-depth look at what patients really want from their private practitioners, based on the second annual PatientPop nationwide survey. From perspectives on choosing a provider to thoughts on online reviews, star ratings, and much more, this post is an annual favorite for practice owners who want to better understand current and prospective patients.

5 tasks your practice office staff shouldn’t have to do anymore

Tedious tasks can decrease productivity and have a negative impact on staff satisfaction. This blog post provides prescriptive advice on how to streamline certain office tasks — and remove some front-desk tedium — by using digital tools and automation.

How independent practices can thrive amid the growth of alternative care delivery settings

In the world of private practice, the expansion of retail healthcare and other settings is heating up local competition. Standing out among big box retailers and urgent care providers requires some creativity and flexibility. Strategies outlined in this post will help you differentiate your practice and thrive amidst the competition.

3. Social media marketing for healthcare practices

Participating in social media as a business can feel overwhelming. These top posts can help demystify what it takes to shine on popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

2020 social media marketing guidelines

Social media can attract and inform patients, help build your reputation, and boost your online presence throughout the year. While every social media channel is different, these simple guidelines can help you engage with more patients using overall best practices.

How to create successful Facebook ads for doctors

As the most popular social network among U.S. adults, Facebook is a critical channel for independent practices trying to connect with prospective patients. Here, we help practices navigate the complexities of establishing an effective Facebook advertising strategy from start to finish.

How to create a business Instagram account for healthcare

With more than one-third of U.S. adults active on Instagram, it’s a tool the healthcare industry too often overlooks. Use this step-by-step guide to easily set up an Instagram business account — and successfully present your practice as a local business on this popular platform.

4. Interviews with experts

Hear directly from industry professionals in these popular blog posts, featuring perspectives from PatientPop executives and customers alike.

Thoughts on practice success and patient relationship management: Q&A with Arman Samani, PatientPop Chief Product Officer

Samani, a healthcare technology veteran, shares his thoughts on the keys to practice success and what’s in store for PatientPop practices. Spoiler alert for this dialogue: Patient relationship management should be top of mind for us all in 2021.

Q&A with a dermatology practice physician-owner using PatientPop

This interview offers an insider’s perspective on how an independent practitioner uses PatientPop to thrive in her busy market. From telehealth and search engine optimization, to a healthy online reputation and more, this dermatologist-owner shares her PatientPop experience.

5. Infographics that look inside the industry

Everyone loves an infographic — they’re easy-to-read and provide quick insights on a single topic. These compelling posts from 2020 feature dozens of fascinating facts sure to keep you on your toes.

40+ medical doctor statistics

In this handy infographic, you’ll find just about every fact you wanted to know about being a doctor. Whether you’re wondering about the road to earning a medical degree, a physician’s work week, which specialists are happiest, or the top challenges facing providers today, these 40+ facts can answer your questions.

Reasons for low patient satisfaction and how to address them

Keeping patients satisfied is critical to your patient retention strategy. Knowing the greatest points of patient dissatisfaction can help you avoid common pitfalls. This infographic outlines the top five patient frustrations and expert ideas for improvement.

10 online scheduling healthcare stats

The convenience of online scheduling can help savvy independent practices attract more new patients and remove administrative work from their front desk. If you’re on the fence or not convinced, these 10 stats help underscore the importance of offering online scheduling.


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