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Austin Area Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Fertility - Customer Video Case Study

Watch a PatientPop customer case study video featuring Austin Area Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Fertility.

Thousands of healthcare providers trust PatientPop to manage each step of practice growth, from the moment patients find them online to post-visit feedback. In this case study video, we hear from customer Austin Area Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Fertility. Watch the video for information about the practice, or look below for a transcript.

PatientPop is like an extension to my practice. The team at Austin Area OBGYN is dedicated to providing compassionate care, along with the latest in medical advances. And PatientPop helps us to do that.

We have 12 physicians and 10 mid-levels. When you’re running a large practice, you have to brand the practice, followed by consistent messaging and patient education.

PatientPop did a remarkable job of cleaning our website to have a very fresh look, and that increased new patients in our office. Online scheduling appears seamless to patients, easier to navigate, updated reviews, refreshed content, and really timely updates to our website.

A review of our monthly dashboard shows we have increased in organic rankings on the major search engines. More patients are using our website for services we provide, directions, scheduling, bios on our physicians, and so on.

We have definitely seen an increase in web traffic. In a year and a half, the number of website visitors jumped from around 7,000 visitors to over 11,000 visitors per month. And our monthly appointment volume also increased by over 380 percent. In one year, PatientPop helped generate over 5,000 new patient bookings.

It’s important for PatientPop to integrate well with EMR systems, such as athenahealth. It increases patient satisfaction, overall privacy for the patient, as well as a seamless application.

We definitely think PatientPop is a part of our long-term marketing strategy. It’s like my web department, my social media department. It feels like they’re a part of my team.

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