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Dr. Shamsah Amersi, OB-GYN - customer video case study

Watch a PatientPop customer case study video featuring Shamsah Amersi, MD.

Thousands of healthcare and aesthetic service providers trust PatientPop to manage each step of practice growth, from the moment patients find them online to post-visit feedback. In this case study video, we hear from customer Shamsah Amersi, MD. Watch the video for information about the practice, or look below for a transcript.

When I look back at the start of my practice, I truly can say that PatientPop has helped me grow in ways that I never dreamed of.

Before PatientPop, I would market my practice through word of mouth, but it was very ineffective and very slow growth. When I heard about PatientPop I was skeptical. So many companies make claims of what they can do for a physician’s practice. But [PatientPop was] able to create a vision online for me that was incredible.

The website allows my patients to very clearly understand all the services that I provide. I ended up on the first page of Google because PatientPop really focuses on search engine optimization. Whenever a patient would search for a particular service, I would be on the top of the page.

I saw very quickly that the volume of patients began increasing and the online booking tool allows patients to book appointments with us so easily. Our office gets an immediate alert; we confirm it; it’s added to our schedule within a matter of minutes; and it’s easy for everyone — both us and the patient.

Since joining PatientPop, my online reputation and presence has really accelerated. Reputation is very important for a physician; it’s everything. My patients sharing their experience with us in a positive way, it allows our practice to grow exponentially.

It’s an investment of a lifetime for any physician. The PatientPop portal allows you to see your results and to see the value of your investment in a very tangible way. And the numbers continue to grow. It’s really nice to know where your money is going.

For any physician that’s either starting a practice or has an existing practice, I would say to them that PatientPop is an integral part of their success. It’s something that your practice needs; there’s no question about it.

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