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5 pages your medical website needs

Create a healthcare website designed to rank highly in search and attract new patients.

Most healthcare providers know they need a medical website in order to attract new patients to their practice. However, not all healthcare providers know exactly what content (text and images) their healthcare websites should contain — or how that content should be organized.

In a nutshell, an effective medical website includes the content patients expect to see (e.g. content that is likely to satisfy their search queries). To get the most from that content, organize it into the following webpages.

How to create a healthcare website that works

1. About the practice page

You know your practice back to front, but prospective patients do not. That’s why an About Page is essential for medical websites.

Similar to how a book teaser or movie trailer is intended to entice audiences, your medical website About Page should subtly persuade patients that your practice is the best choice for their needs. Use your About Page to share the reasons a patient should visit your practice, which might include mention of your credentials and experience as well as your healthcare philosophy.

An About Page can be its own separate page, or this information can live on your homepage.

2. Practice location page (s)

How far are patients willing to travel for healthcare? Research suggests not very. In one study, adult Washington state residents indicated they’d be willing to travel just 20 miles (or about 28 minutes) for routine and urgent primary care services. This is just one reason why it’s important to highlight your practice’s location (or locations) on your healthcare website.

For each location, create a separate page with unique content and clear information about that location, including its name, address, phone number, a map, and other contact details. If you have a single practice location, one Contact Us page with this information is sufficient.

3. Practice staff page

Though patients are unlikely to choose a practice exclusively because of supporting providers or staff, you’d be remiss to think these people do not play any kind of role in patient acquisition. Patients want to know that you are backed by capable and caring professionals, which you can highlight on a dedicated People Page.

The People Page should include photos of your staff as well as information about their experience and qualifications. You can even consider adding a personal note about each person to encourage a connection with patients.

4. Medical services pages

The services you specialize in provide an excellent opportunity to build multiple pages on your medical website, with each page focused on a particular service.

Ensure that each service page includes information about your practice and location. These pages are the best place to stand out from your competition by featuring unique content and describing services that can’t be found elsewhere in your region.

5. Patient testimonials page

Reviews and testimonials are essential to grow your healthcare practice. Not only do patients look for reviews when searching for practices (71 percent of patients say it’s their first step in finding a new doctor, according to Software Advice), reviews also influence search engine rankings.

Highlight the positive feedback you’ve collected from patients throughout your healthcare website, but also devote an entire page to patient reviews. Use this feedback to demonstrate how you serve the needs of your local community, solve health concerns, and interact with your patients.

Drive more patients to your practice through an expert medical website

According to PatientPop research, three out of four patients search for information on healthcare providers or medical information online. To get discovered online, medical professionals seeking new patients must have an effective healthcare website that ranks in search. An effective practice website is SEO-optimized, secure, loads quickly, and is mobile friendly. 

In addition to being easily found online, an expert medical website is optimized for conversion. This helps interested patients contact you to make an appointment. Important features, such as online scheduling, allow patients to reach you at their own convenience. Equipping your website with online scheduling and other calls to action will turn website visitors into new patients. 

How can I attract patients online?

To stand out in the competitive patient care landscape, medical professionals and their healthcare organizations must have an expanded online presence, so they are easily discovered online. Having a strong online reputation is also exceedingly important, as it is the no. 1 decision making factor for patients seeking a new provider. Delivering an exceptional patient experience helps retain current patients, who in turn help spread word-of-mouth. 

An all-in-one practice growth platform helps you attract new patients by helping you get discovered online, manage your online reputation, and deliver the convenience patients seek in one convenient and easy-to-use solution. 

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