All are welcome

PatientPop welcomes people of all races, religions, nationalities, orientations, genders, backgrounds, and ages. It’s a workplace where we all strive to learn, grow and support one another.


Our commitment to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment

The PatientPop mission to help practices thrive extends to all communities. We believe communities are enriched by doctors, patients, and people from all backgrounds.

At PatientPop we believe that diversity, equity and inclusion are core strengths that are essential to help create a great place to work — where differences are welcomed, heard, and celebrated.

We’re an equal opportunity workplace and employer that strives to create and use resources that uplift and support all employees.


We honor the spectrum of human experience and recognize the qualities that make each person unique. The differences between us present great advantages as we aim to increase diversity in our company and communities.


Everyone should have equal access to opportunities, regardless of background. We strive for equal pay, justice, and rights for all to create a fair and equitable workplace.


Every perspective is important. We celebrate our diversity and aim to ensure that all employees are treated fairly, respectfully, and can fully contribute to our success. We support an environment of respect and inclusion for all.

The goal is to be myself at home AND at work. I’ve become dedicated to bringing my full self to work because it fuels me to consistently be the best that I can be in all areas of my life.
Jazimar Jones
Onboarding Services
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are necessary to foster growth and build cultural competence.
Alexis Simpson
Campaign Manager
Search Engine Marketing
Creating a workplace that is equitable is simply not optional, nor is it a passive process; we all have a responsibility to actively create a space where everyone is invited to bring their full selves and diversity of views is welcomed, leading to happier employees and better outcomes.
Sarah Brown
Senior Manager
Customer Success


Representation at PatientPop

We will never stop trying to be more diverse, inclusive, and more equitable than we were yesterday—that's why PatientPop has started to measure its progress on key diversity benchmarks in these areas so that we may continually hold ourselves accountable.

Having a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace helps employees gain different perspectives, which helps the whole company’s mindset evolve.
Odell McFarland IV
Implementation Specialist
Customer Success
I’m proud of my Asian/Hispanic heritage and crave to see a greater number of diverse people here at work. PatientPop has always been an affable environment, so as a friendly reminder: you are welcome here.
Paige Gutierrez
Creative Services
Knowing that we can work together at PatientPop to address and actively fight against inequalities gives me hope for not only the success of our company, but for our community at large.
Patric Velasquez
Senior Web Designer
Customer Success

Black Lives Matter

We stand for human rights. We stand against racism.

And we believe that Black Lives Matter. PatientPop is actively doing our part to end racism in the workplace. We are committed to providing opportunities in a supportive environment, and enabling our Black and non-Black employees to thrive. Our goal is equity for all, and we’re committed to learning and taking action to make a real difference.

Learn more We stand for human rights. We stand against racism.