Enhance with integration

When we integrate with your EHR, you'll experience a much more streamlined operation.

EMR Integration

Experience the benefits of integrating your EMR with PatientPop.

With integration, our growth platform delivers even greater efficiencies and productivity, with extra convenience for both staff and patients.

Greater patient connection and efficiencies

When the PatientPop platform integrates with your EMR, enhanced online scheduling and appointment reminders drive more patient visits, while more patient feedback requests help improve your online reputation. All executed by a team that knows how to integrate with your system quickly.

See EMR integrations Greater patient connection and efficiencies
emr integration
Increase bookings

Patients can see your real-time availability online, and receive helpful appointment reminders.

Get synchronized

Appointments booked online, by phone, or in person appear automatically in your calendar.

Boost reputation

Review requests are sent to your entire patient base, regardless of their booking methods.*

*Available with most integrations. Contact your PatientPop representative for details.

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Case Study

Virginia dentist doubles new patient growth with Dentrix integration

When Allegra Dental integrated PatientPop into their Dentrix calendar, scheduling became more efficient and new patient appointment requests jumped 102%.

Find out more Virginia dentist doubles new patient growth with Dentrix integration

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