The COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduler and Communication Solution for private practices

Private healthcare practices are poised to “come to the rescue” in their community by fulfilling demand for the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine. But they need the right digital tools to inform and schedule patients, and deliver the kind of experience that wins them over.

With PatientPop, practices can accomplish this with ease and stand out in their market.

Discover our all-in-one platform

Using a proven all-in-one platform to administer COVID-19 vaccines

An accessible, convenient patient experience

In an AP poll, two-thirds of patients said they rely most on their local healthcare provider for clear, accurate COVID-19 information. As vaccines roll out to private practices, the PatientPop all-in-one platform empowers you to easily connect with and book patients, and deliver a convenient, personalized patient experience.

The PatientPop all-in-one practice growth platform

Whether you’re promoting COVID-19 vaccine availability or any of your services, our all-in-one platform equips your practice to attract patients and retain them for life. By applying digital convenience to each patient touchpoint, we help practices connect with more patients and deliver the experience they expect.

It starts when a patient first looks online for a provider and continues through online scheduling, automated reminders, and digital registration, to post-visit communications that drive positive reviews, referrals, and return visits.

See how it works The PatientPop all-in-one practice growth platform

A practice solution for COVID-19 vaccines and information

Using our all-in-one platform, practices can easily alert patients to their COVID-19 vaccine plans and availability, schedule vaccine appointments, and manage patient registration and pre-vaccine screening online — all while building patient loyalty and local reputation.

The COVID-19 vaccine scheduler and communication solution: 

  • search-optimized COVID-19 vaccine content for your website, specific to your practice
  • website elements that highlight vaccination plans or availability at your practice 
  • pre-designed patient email templates, to announce vaccine plans and then alert patients when COVID-19 vaccine doses are available
  • online scheduling with a preset “COVID-19 vaccine” visit type
  • two-way text messaging with patients 
  • automated appointment reminders; post-visit automated patient satisfaction surveys
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Customized COVID-19 vaccine communications for each practice’s needs

We recognize that healthcare practices are at different stages of the vaccination effort. You may be awaiting approval to administer the vaccine, ready to receive doses, or already vaccinating patients.

PatientPop options for practice website content and patient communication fit your current status and change along with it: 

  • “Coming soon”: Your practice plans to administer the COVID-19 vaccine
  • “Available now”: Your practice is currently booking COVID-19 vaccination appointments
  • Your practice offers COVID-19 testing
  • Your practice doesn’t offer COVID-19 services, but wants to answer frequently asked patient questions online
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Helping practices thrive by responding to market needs and conditions

In the early months of the pandemic, PatientPop quickly delivered a telehealth solution to practices, with services and strategies to promote their virtual care offerings. The result: on average, PatientPop practices returned to pre-COVID-19 appointment volumes by the end of May — 14 weeks sooner than a national average of patient visits.*

Now, with 7 of 10 PatientPop practices requesting communication tools to share their COVID-19 vaccine plans, we are proud to help these local healthcare providers spread the word, and become real hometown heroes in their community.

*PatientPop data: 3,266 healthcare providers on the PatientPop platform before February 2020 through October 4, 2020, with online booking and call tracking enabled. National average: Commonwealth Fund, “The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Outpatient Care.”

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