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Attract new patients

Our healthcare-specific marketing software and targeted advertising help you attract more of the local patients that you want.

How does your marketing stack up to local competitors?

Case Studies

Powering today's top practices

Alan B. Patterson, M.D.
308% increase in new patients with paid advertising
OB/GYN 1 provider Coral Springs, FL
Paragon Eye Associates
211% increase in website visitors that became patients
Eye Care Specialists 5 providers Arlington, TX
Pandit Foot & Ankle
1753% return on investment
Podiatrist 1 provider Evergreen Park, IL

Patient Acquisition

Search results listed on page 1 of Google get 95% of all web traffic. *

We help convert potential patients at the moment they are searching online. You may not be ranking near the top of search results, but we can help you get there with targeted advertising and increasing your organic ranking.


Search Advertising

Appear at the top of search results with a targeted advertising strategy that is designed to attract local patients to your specialty.

We serve healthcare clients exclusively with strategies to reduce cost per new patient.

Instantly benchmark your current performance and see where we can help you improve.

Google search

Stand out

You will benefit from proven marketing programs that drive growth in both new and returning visits to your practice. Your content will be enticing and relevant to potential patients searching for your services.

We continue to test your ads to optimize performance and improve your CTR. Our highly measurable results will ensure a consistent ROI.

How effective is your marketing compared to your competitors?

Compare your practice

See how your entire online performance compares with other practices in your local area. PatientPop analyzes your practice growth and finds opportunities to help you improve.

Convert your visitors

Getting traffic to your site is only half the battle. You want qualified leads that turn into patients.

Our comprehensive platform is excellent at doing both. We build beautiful, user-friendly websites with an online scheduling feature that books patients directly to your schedule and keeps it full.

Speak to a specialist and find out how we can help you maximize ROI on your advertising spend.

Google Premier Partner

Google Premier Partner is the highest level of partnership attainable at Google. It is reserved for top companies with a strong track record. We receive additional training and direct support from Google so are always up to date with the latest technology.

Our competitive advantage allows us to get better results for you and convert clicks to patients. With a 50% lower lapse rate than other members of the program, we are trusted by our customers to handle the end-to-end process, driving revenue and saving time.

Speak to an advertising expert to learn more.

Get real results

PatientPop practices are thriving

936 <span>M</span> Google impressions
936 M
Google impressions
22 <span>M</span> Appointment requests
22 M
Appointment requests
1.3 <span>M</span> Positive testimonials
1.3 M
Positive testimonials

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