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Search 3 providers in your practice

  1. Enter the names of 3 providers in the search bars.
  2. Each entry will open a search on for each doctor.
  3. Evaluate the search results side-by-side with the checklist below.

Examine a provider in your practice

  1. Search a provider in your group practice.
  2. Download the checklist to evaluate the search results.
Start by searching here
Start by searching here

68% of referrals Google doctors’ names before booking.

When patients search for every physician in your group do they see the best representation of your practice-brand?

Patients Google you

Here’s how patients view results

The search-results for the name of each physician in your practice are your brand in the eyes of patients. The practice brand must stand out where patients’ attention goes first. What they see in this moment determines if they seek care from you or find it elsewhere.

  • Ads at the top

    When your providers are searched, your practice should rank #1 at the very top of the page.

  • Knowledge panel

    Your practice website should dominate organic search results for the names of each associate.

  • Organic search results

    This page-section should give the patient everything they need from your practice.

Check your knowledge panel

This part of the search engine results page (SERP) is the front door of your practice on Google. Check to see if your knowledge panel has these critical elements when you Google every provider in your group.

What to check for

  • Patients should see many strong reviews to inspire patients’ confidence in booking with your practice.

  • Having an incorrect NAP is unfortunately very common but patients use it as the source of truth.

  • Patients should always find a link to your group practice, not affiliated hospitals or former employers.

  • Patients should see professional photographs of each provider they search.

  • Patients should find a link in the knowledge panel to directly book or request an appointment.

Patients Google you

How a knowledge panel should look

  • Brand photosPhotos represent you. If you don’t have a photo, Google will default to a street-view image which is a poor representation.
  • Correct name, address, phone (NAP)NAP helps you rank. Providers will rank higher on Google with a correct NAP because Google places a lot of weight on this.
  • Many reviewsReviews are the #1 influence. Patients report that reviews are the #1 influence on their decision to select a provider.
  • Website linkLinks to your site grow your site traffic. If you don’t have a link to your website, or an incorrect link, then you lose patients.
  • Link to book onlineOnline booking is preferred. Patients prefer to book an appointment online over calling or emailing your practice.

Check your paid and organic search results

The remaining search engine results page (SERP) is critical to creating the right impression and directing all patient referrals properly to your practice.

What to check for

  • Patients should see your name first when they search for you and your practice can control this placement on the page.

  • Your practice website should appear as the #1 result for every single provider that is searched for.

  • A link for patients to book an appointment should appear near the top.

  • There should be 4 or more links directly to your practice website in the SERP.

  • The links to your practice website should outrank other websites and be the first few listings on the SERP.

Patients Google you

How a search engine results page should look

  • #1 overall resultPrevent poaching. Other companies and competitors can poach traffic when patients search for doctor’s names by bidding on your branded keywords.
  • Sitelink to book an appointmentPatients gravitate towards it. Patients will often select this option and so it converts search traffic into appointments.
  • #1 organic resultPatients only view the first few results. 95% of patients don’t go past the first page and the top result is clicked on 43% of the time.
  • Many links to your websiteMore links = more web traffic. When the SERP has more links to your site, it increases the likelihood of patients clicking on it.
  • Rank above 3rd party sitesKeeps the traffic on your website. If directories like Zocdoc are outranking you, patients click there instead, and may cause unnecessary extra charges for referrals you've already earned.

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