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Allegra Dental
855% Return on investment
Dentist 1 provider Fairfax, VA
Paragon Eye Associates
211% Increase in new patients
Eye care 5 providers Arlington, TX
Uptown Psych
117% Increase in patient reviews
Psychiatry 16 providers Chicago, IL

Start by checking your online performance

Digital patient intake

Collect appointment information, reason, patient information, medical history, insurance information, and more.

Customizable form

Configure the patient registration form to meet your needs with our easy-to-use form editor that lets you add, edit, and delete questions.

Secure registration

Remain HIPAA-compliant with our patient intake form that encrypts the information while it's in transit and at rest.

Digital registration
“The experience with PatientPop has been phenomenal. It was the best money I’ve ever spent on my practice.” Real customer feedback
Practice growth
“My favorite part is how easy you make it for new patients to find me online, read all my reviews, and book an appointment.” Real customer feedback
Website & SEO

Get a search-optimized website designed to rank higher in search results and convert web searches into appointments.

Reputation management

Improve your reputation with automated patient satisfaction surveys, making it easier to increase your positive testimonials.

Universal scheduling

Offer online booking with automated reminders, and options to schedule in-person or telehealth appointments.

2-way HD video

See the difference with HD video conferencing, which is accessible from any device, for a crystal clear virtual visit.

Virtual waiting room

Be notified via text message as patients enter your virtual waiting room so you know when to join telehealth appointments.

“The quality of the video and audio is superior to Zoom and our patients and providers all love how easy it is to use.” Real customer feedback
“I can’t believe I’ve been spending so much money on other companies that only did a fraction of what PatientPop does.” Real customer feedback
TCPA-compliant text messaging

Have 2-way SMS conversations that allow you to monitor your patients with asynchronous messaging and photos.

Email marketing

Send patient recall campaigns and marketing emails using one of our templates, or create your own with our easy email editor.

Digital fax

Send and receive e-faxes from your Practice Portal by simply entering a fax number, attaching a file, and clicking send.

More patients

Promote your practice online, attract more patients, and retain them for life with our all-in-one platform that’s proven to deliver results.

Greater convenience

Experience the convenience that comes with managing your practice’s front-office, and exam room from the comfort of your preferred location.

Time saved

Spend less time on tedious tasks like phone calls, faxes, and forms, and more time on things that matter the most to you.

Centralized workflow

Streamline and manage all of this from one central place instead of having to log-in to multiple systems to complete the same things.

Appointment booked

Patients search for you online and can book an appointment with you directly from your website.

Patient Intake

Patients complete the patient intake form online or you can also send them a link to the patient form.

Saved information

The completed form is saved in your Practice Portal along with their appointment details for easy access.

Start by checking your online performance

“We adopted your platform and it’s been fantastic!” Dr. Kim Neyman

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PatientPop practices are thriving

1.3 million Positive testimonials
22 million Appointment requests
936 million Google impressions

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