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The Future of PatientPop

The future of healthcare keeps evolving. Now so are we, as Tebra.

As leaders in clinical, financial, and practice growth technology, Kareo and PatientPop have joined forces as Tebra to support the connected practice of the future, and modernize every step of the patient journey.

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Without you,
we wouldn't be here.

We started Kareo because we believed that it's not enough for today's healthcare practices to survive, they deserve to thrive. From our first meetings with the PatientPop team, it was immediately evident they were driven by that same vision. Tebra (inspired by "vertebra"), represents a new era for both teams as we come together, pool our resources, and better ensure that this vision becomes a reality for the countless healthcare workers we depend on.

PatientPop users can expect a stalwart commitment to customer satisfaction from me and the rest of Tebra leadership team as we grow together and set a new standard for practice well-being.

Dan Rodrigues


In 2021, healthcare practice technology leaders PatientPop and Kareo came together to form Tebra.

Today, Tebra is committed to improving every step of the care journey for both providers and patients by becoming the digital backbone for practice success.

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Thousands of providers trust Kareo. And so does PatientPop.

Kareo is a leader in cloud-based clinical and financial software, purpose-built to meet the needs of independent practices. Kareo’s platform includes a robust EHR, billing and payments solutions to help you get paid faster, and much more.

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Thanks to [Tebra], our office has become about 25% more efficient and profits are up by 15%.
Lynn Moore, MA, CPCMoore Support Services, INC
15%Increase in profits

Tebra by the Numbers

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