How it works

Get everything you need to attract and recall patients. Provide a 5-star patient experience. Empower your team to accomplish more.


Today, more than 72% of Americans begin their search for your services online.
With PatientPop, people find your website at the top of search engines, or through one of 70 enhanced web profiles across healthcare, local, and social media sites.
To make an appointment, patients can call or schedule through your site from any device.

PatientPop pushes appointments to your scheduling software and helps you understand more about the patient, like how they found you online.
Just before an appointment, patients receive automated reminders, ensuring they arrive on time. Confirmations help you reduce and plan around no-shows.
Following each appointment, patients automatically receive a satisfaction survey. PatientPop helps you understand the customer's experience and build online reputation.
When it’s time to be seen again, patients automatically receive emails inviting them to book an appointment.

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