How it works

Our smart technology ensures that patients can find you online, verify that you are professional and legitimate, and easily book appointments. PatientPop also helps generate word-of-mouth referrals online.

A patient is looking for a new doctor online, like 72% of Americans.
She quickly finds your business at the top of search engines, or through one of 70 PatientPop-enhanced web profiles across healthcare, local and social media sites.
To make an appointment, the patient can easily call or book on your site from any device. PatientPop tracks and shares her details with your practice.
Just before her appointment, she receives an appointment reminder, ensuring she arrives on time.
Following her appointment, she automatically receives an email asking for feedback. PatientPop helps practices understand customer feedback in order to improve.
When it’s time to be seen again, she automatically receives an email inviting her to book an appointment.

The smarter, simpler way to grow your practice, PatientPop helps turn people like this into valuable patients.

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