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Instantly see how you compare to other practices in your local area and specialty.

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01 — Head start

We quickly get you started.

Our trained implementation team gets you up and running fast, usually in 30 days or less. Then, your customer success manager will provide strategic direction based on your specific needs, and our support team will provide continuous web support.

02 — Top Visibility

Make an exceptional first impression.

As people search for providers online, they find you more often, thanks to your new, high-performance website, top visibility in online directories, strong social media presence, and more.

03 — Instant Access

Patients schedule appointments online.

Offer 24/7 online scheduling to your patients, wherever they find your practice. Patients and staff enjoy more convenience and control – further enhanced when we integrate with your EMR system.

04 — Streamlined Office

Patients receive automated reminders.

Now that your calendar is full, we'll help keep it that way by emailing and texting reminders to patients. You can easily track confirmations, reduce no-shows, and save hours of phone time.

05 — Valuable Connections

Get patient feedback.

After each visit, we'll send patients a survey with an option to share positive testimonials to your website. Negative feedback? We'll alert you so you can respond right away, giving you a better patient-provider connection.

06 — Essential Insights

Track each step of your practice growth.

See your key metrics on your PatientPop practice growth dashboard, from online search rankings and appointment requests, to every aspect of your online reputation.

The only end-to-end practice growth platform

PatientPop has everything you need to empower your practice.

Showcase your practice.

Extend your reach.

Become a thought leader.

Improve your reputation.

Get valuable feedback.

Offer 24/7 online booking.

Monitor your results.

Enhance your efficiency.

Discover the only complete practice growth platform in healthcare.

Compare your practice

Instantly see how you compare to other practices in your local area and specialty.

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