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PatientPop Telehealth is an easy-to-use, secure, and 100% HIPAA-compliant way to deliver quality care virtually. Experience the convenience of being able to treat patients from anywhere in the world.

Manage your exam room from anywhere

Telemedicine allows patients to have access to your practice no matter how far away they are. Patients can simply book a telehealth appointment from your website and receive quality care in their own home.

HD 2-way video

See and hear your patients through crystal clear high definition video, as if they were in the room with you.

Unique video link

Get a personalized link so telehealth patients can join a video visit with 1-click without the need to log-in.

Virtual waiting room

Be notified via text as patients enter your virtual waiting room so you know when to join the appointment.

Get telehealth for your practice.

Practice competitive scanner

Compare your practice

Instantly see how you compare to other practices in your local area and specialty.