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PatientPop Pro

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Goodbye tedious tasks.

An easy-to-use and effective combination of practice growth, telehealth, communications, and patient intake.

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Benefits of using PatientPop Pro

Combined with our practice growth solution, PatientPop Pro makes it easy for you to manage the important aspects of your practice from the cloud. Simplify your workflows and say goodbye to manual processes.

Greater convenience

Experience the convenience that comes with managing the front-office and exam room from the comfort of your preferred location.

Time saved

Spend less time on tedious tasks like phone calls, faxes, and managing physical forms, and more time on things that matter the most to you.

Centralized workflow

Streamline and manage all of this from one central place instead of having to sign in to multiple systems to complete the same things.


Key features

Providers require a reliable and convenient way to deliver quality care and manage critical front office tasks from anywhere, not just from their office. With PatientPop Pro, you can offer your patients the same in-person experience virtually with features such as:

  • HIPAA-compliant telehealth
  • Unique video link
  • Join virtual visits with 1 click
  • 2-way HD video
  • Text messaging
  • Customizable digital registration
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Digital fax

How it works

With PatientPop Pro, managing your practice becomes a lot easier. Here’s how it works:

appointment setup

Appointment booked

Patients book an appointment directly from your website.

digital patient intake

Digital patient intake

Patients are sent a digital registration form.

patient care

Patient care

Connect with your patients either in-office or virtually.



Communicate with your network via text, email, or digital fax.

A special thank you to providers for your essential care

“From all of us at PatientPop, thank you for your commitment to keep our communities safe and healthy.”

Luke Kervin, Co-founder & Co-CEO


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